Every participant in the Vrij Rijden declares by placing his/her signature on the Vrij Rijden Disclaimer to be familiar with the General House Rules, Safety Regulations and Technical Conditions described on this page, to have read them and during participation in the Vrij Rijden fully comply with events.

The participant
Participants in the Vrij Rijden must be in possession of a valid driver's license. Anyone under the age of 18 must present a valid racing license. Participants are required to sign the Vrij Rijden disclaimer.

One passenger of 18 years or older is allowed to ride. In case of doubt, proof of identity may be requested. By signing the Vrij Rijden Disclaimer declares the participant to be fully responsible for his/her passenger.

session card
A session Vrij Rijden (net approx. 17 minutes) costs €40,- to €47,50,- each. Tickets are available online (outside corona time, session tickets are also for sale in cash or by pin). The session card must be attached to the left rear side window. If the car breaks down, the card can be exchanged for a voucher.

Drafting & End of session
The preliminary presentation will take place at Zandvoort in the Tarzanbocht and at Assen at the Technocenter. A session ends when the finish flag is passed, overtaking is then no longer allowed. The participant leaves the track at Zandvoort at the marshal with the red flag at Assen you enter the pit lane.

Driving behaviour
Participants who exhibit dangerous driving behavior or take unnecessary risks while overtaking or ignore flag signals will be addressed by the organization. Anyone who does not heed the advice or warning of the organization will be excluded from further participation.

We maintain a list of drivers who exhibit dangerous and unsportsmanlike driving behaviour. Points we look at:

– Driving behavior on the track
– Ignoring flag signals
– Failure to follow directions

– 1st violation = warning
– 2nd violation = suspension of 2 events
– 3rd violation = exclusion RSZ Vrij Rijden events

 If you, as a participant, see undesirable driving behaviour, report it immediately to the organization.

Helmet requirement
Wearing closed seat belts and wearing a helmet (with a closed strap under the chin!) is mandatory for the driver and passenger. If you do not have a helmet, you can rent one from the organization.

race overalls
Competitors driving an older or recent competition car must wear flame retardant race overalls. Passengers riding in the Sport+ class must also wear flame-retardant racing overalls. Fire-retardant racing overalls are recommended for all other participants of self-built trackday cars.

Flag signals
The competitor must know the meaning of all flag signals and adequately follow them when displayed at the track posts!

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Car defective
In the event of technical problems, the participant immediately leaves the ideal line and parks the car in a safe place next to the track. Switch off the engine and ignition and wait behind the crash barriers for the rescue team. Then follow the directions of the rescue car crew!

pit street
Smoking in the pit lane is prohibited. Refueling in the pit lane is prohibited. Children and dogs are not allowed in the pit lane. The pit lane is part of the race track and is very dangerous terrain. The maximum speed in the pit lane is 40 km per hour!

Towing eyes
A towing eye must be present in the car and preferably pre-assembled. Old or recent competition cars must have pre-assembled towing eyes.

The car must not exceed the noise standards applicable to the circuits. Maximum Zolder 95 dBa, Maximum Assen 95dB, maximum Zandvoort 92dB, with the daily average of 88dB being the limit. At Assen and Zolder, the use of a transponder for noise measurement is mandatory. These are available at the registration table and against payment of a deposit.

Sound during Vrij Rijden evening sessions at Zandvoort:
Between 09.00:17.00 and 88:92: maximum average XNUMX dB(A) / indication limit: XNUMX dB(A)
Between 17.00:19.00 and 85:92: maximum average XNUMX dB(A) / indication limit: XNUMX dB(A)
Between 19.00:21.00 and 80:88: maximum average XNUMX dB(A) / indication limit: XNUMX dB(A)

Brake lights
The car must have working brake lights.

A car must have a windshield. If it is a closed car, the car must also have side and rear windows.

An MOT approval is not required.

Roll cage
The following obligation applies to cars with a roll cage: the tube of the roll cage must be provided with a protective foam layer at the height of the head of the driver and passenger.

loose items
There should be no loose objects in the car such as extra wheels, parts, tools, fire extinguisher, bags, cans, helmets, etc.

Electric cars
Op Circuit Zandvoort electric cars are now allowed to participate under a number of conditions. Four weeks before the track day, the circuit wants to know whether electric cars are taking part. Therefore, send an email to info@ more than four weeks before the track to register the car. You will then receive a leaflet with all the conditions set by the circuit and you can book the session(s) yourself in our webshop.

Excluded from participation type of cars

– Formula cars
– Vans
– Pickups