Tip 1: Look more often in the mirrors!
Vrij Rijden is for everyone and that can mean that there are different cars on the track. One car goes fast on the straight and the other car goes faster in the bend. These are differences you may encounter during Vrij Rijden.

Everyone wants to be able to drive well, but then you have to keep an eye out for each other. Know where the other participants are driving and whether you might be overtaken. So look in your mirrors enough!

Tip 2: Studious newcomers: copying the ideal line
Every Vrij Rijden Track Day we see new cars and new faces. Often new participants take a RSZ instructor along to complete the first guided tour.

But there are also many experienced participants driving around. Try hooking up and try to copy the ideal line with someone who has done it before. This can help you get the hang of the idea faster. Doesn't work? Then ask if one of our RSZ instructors join a session to help you further.

Tip 3: Drying track: there is grip!
During the first Track Day of 2017 we saw it happen again. Rain, dry, rain, in short changeable weather. During those dry moments we often see that the track dries up. Especially at Zandvoort, where the bends have height differences, you often see that the top of the bend is rather dry. Use those dry spots on the track! There is often more grip than on the (wet) ideal line.

Tip 4: Participate in the Super Sport class?
Do you regularly join Vrij Rijden and do you feel that you can participate well in the Sport sessions? Or do you have a race car that you want to test? Then join the Super Sport class. If you want to participate in this, request a Super Sport exam at the registration table! We will assess along the track whether your speed and line are sufficient to get a Super Sport license. The costs for this are a one-off €10,-. Do you have a KNAF Motorsport license? Then you can participate in the Super Sport class without an exam!